A Millennial and the Women’s March on Washington

Wow. I am speechless. I mean, how fantastic was yesterday? Millions of people worldwide, all marching to the same tune. So much love, so much hope – I have never been more proud of being a feminist than I am now. I only wish I was there.

Yeah, I didn’t actually make it to any of the marches held across America but I sure did keep track of it via social media. Say what you will, social media is a God send. Even through a computer screen I could feel the love and the energy from those glorious pink crowds.

That was such a monumental rally, the largest ever for some states I believe (I’m just repeating what I’ve seen on Twitter so don’t quote me on this). And wow, how awesome is that? After such a nasty election, people throwing insults every which way, and a nation dividing itself, it’s nice to see such a large gathering of people all united for the same cause. I am awestruck.

And the signs, oh golly the signs. So many wonderful, powerful, thought provoking signs. We certainly are a creative bunch of folks.

I’m sure, 192 words in  you’re wondering what the millennial perspective is on all of this. Well, let me tell you: it’s hope. I see the possibility of a future where protests can be peaceful and even fun. Where voices are heard and action is taken. I see a future where everyone has the civil rights they are entitled to. My perspective is one that is hopeful.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for or what political party you align with. What matters is, there is hope for a better future, a united future where everyone is equal and protected by the same rights.

Hope is on the horizon and I for one, am happy to see it.


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