A Millennial and Her Call to Arms – Resist

You’re just being sore losers.

Now you know what we’ve felt like for the last eight years.

He’s doing exactly what he promised.

We’re making America great again.


It’s fascism. It’s xenophobia. It’s NOT a normal presidency. And we as Americans need to resist. We need to stop history from repeating itself.

We need to resist.

This nation is a nation of immigrants. Trace your roots back and you’ll see, you’ll see where you came from and chances are you’ll find, your story didn’t start in America. We are all immigrants living in a land of opportunity. Why should we close our doors to those seeking the same things our ancestors did so many years ago?

Homeland security? Hardly. Look at the facts and you’ll see the truth. You’ll see the hate and the racism behind this hateful order. You’ll see why we have to resist. We are not a Christian nation as so many people like to think we are. We are a nation of many religions, religions that we are allowed to practice under the protection of the First Amendment. Denying entry to this country based on religion is in direct violation of that Amendment.

It’s hypocritical. How many pilgrims fled England because of religious persecution? We must resist to protect our rights, to protect those seeking refuge, to protect those who need protection. We must resist for them.

We need to resist.

We the people, we come from all different walks of life and we need to protect one another. We need to protect our brothers and sisters of every color, of every religion, of the LGBTQA+ community, and all of those suffering from persecution and laws that will strip them of their basic civil rights.

They are people just like you and I and they need our help. Too long have they been treated as outcasts in our society just because of who they love, who they are, what color skin they have. Too long have they faced injustice. Our brothers and sisters of color are being gunned down in the streets while those who inflict this pain face no repercussions. Mothers are left without their children, children are turned away from their homes just because of who they love. We need to resist to protect them, to include them, to treated them as the equals they are. We need to stand in solidarity, hand in hand and resist.

We need to resist.

My fellow cis-teres and sisters, we need to rise up. Fight for your rights. Fight for each other. Resist the power that wants to control our bodies, our liberties, our lives. Our power lies in our number and our strength comes from our solidarity. Resist the misogyny spewing from this presidency, resist those who aim to take away our autonomy. Resist for one another.

We need to resist.

Our futures are at stake. As millennials, people look down on us. They see youth as inexperience but that’s not true. Our youth leads to new ideas, new innovations. We need to use our voice and fight for our futures. Lay the foundations that will support the life still to come. Rise up and resist.

We need to resist.

Fight against those who want absolute control, who wants to set our country back. Fight against racism and homophobia. Fight against fascism and xenophobia.

Resist and fight for this place we call home.

Rise up.

Use your voice.



This post is a response to The Daily  Post’s Prompt, Resist




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