A Millennial’s Creative Corner

My first love has always been creative writing. From a young age, writing has been my escape from reality. And as I have grown, so has my love for writing.It’s what I went to school for, it’s what I try to do everyday, and every once and awhile I’ll squeak out something worth posting.

So I have decided to create a new feature for my blog. A little spot where I can post whatever work I deem worthy enough to share with the world.

Welcome to my Creative Corner!

Comments and likes would be nice but not needed. Also, constructive criticism never hurt anyone. I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

The Great Divide

My heart is filled with a thick black haze,

Choking and coating everything that I say,

My mind is stuck on a repeating phrase:

Lonely, lonely, lonely are my days.

I’ve got friends.

Good friends, sweet friends, godsends,

But there’s a distance between us,

That pays in painful dividends.

The space between us is vast and oozing;

An emptiness inside that’s bleeding and bruising,

So much static around me it’s all so confusing.

I’m left standing alone wondering if I’m the only one loosing.

I want to speak out to close the divide,

These relationships are worth more than I could ever provide.

Relationships that mean more to me than the earth and the sky,

Relationships so amplified they leave me terrified that if they should die,

I’ll be the only one dead inside.

But the itch to talk is stamped out by a nagging fear of self doubt,

Keeping me from speaking out and reaching out,

The emptiness, my worthlessness rings throughout.

So the great divide keeps growing with every voiceless shout.

Everyday there are so many people around me,

Million of faces and voices that surround me.

But this emptiness I feel is like a black sea,

And I’m just debris floating aimlessly,

Lost in so much obscurity.

The divide keeps growing.

My self-imposed isolation has begun showing.

But I keep going.

Loneliness keeping its hold on me toeing the line,

Keeping me in the space of doing great and doing fine.

I can feel the decline,

My heart losing its shine in the wake of the great divide.

There is a thick black haze,

Choking and coating everything that I say.

My mind is stuck on a repeating phrase:

Lonely, lonely, lonely are my days.


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