A Millennial and Feminism

Today is March 8th, a.k.a International Women’s Day, a.k.a. A Day without Women.

What a perfect day to share what feminism means to me.

I’m sure when you hear the word feminism there are several definitions that come to mind. Some will call it man hating. Others will say women’s rights. But when I hear and think about feminism I think equality.

The Oxford dictionary defines feminism as: “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”. It says nothing about putting down one sex to bring the other up. It’s all about helping to reach equality for all.

To me, feminism is not about hating men, it’s about bringing understanding and equal opportunity to the playing field. It’s not about what affects white women but what affects all women regardless of age, race, religion, orientation, and gender. It’s not about providing abortions and disregarding life, it’s about protecting a woman’s right to choose what she does to her own body and offering lifesaving healthcare.

To me, feminism is about speaking up for the voiceless, the marginalized, the ones society has forgotten. Feminism is about fighting for the undeniable rights of the people who can’t fight. It’s about protecting women, men, children, the venerable, and the disabled as hard as I can so they can live their best life.

It is a lifestyle of unadulterated love and a burning passion to do what’s right. I have spent my life surrounded by strong women who have instilled in me these beliefs. My mother, my sister, my grandmother, my friends, they have all empowered me and helped me grow as a person. I own them so much. All I can do to repay them is to do as they did and spread love for all human kind. I honor what they did for me by fighting for others.

I am a feminist because I believe in equality for all.

This is what feminism means to me. What does it mean to you?


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