A Millennial and Political Parties

Democrat. Republican. Liberal. Conservative. Left. Right. The many names for America’s two major political parties. Call them what you will, it is impossible to watch the news these days without hearing about them. It seems like that’s all we’re talking about now, the American political parties and how they are trying to best each other. But here is my little thought for the day, do we need them?

When I was a freshman at college, my English 101 professor asked this very question. Do we need political parties? My first answer was, well yes. Without defined parties we would descend into chaos. We need to have these institutions to keep our differing opinions in check. But do we really? I certainly don’t have an answer to this question but I’m sure as heck going to try and explain this little thought of mine just to get you thinking too.

On one hand, when I think about political parties, I think of the constant fighting that is currently happening. Democrats vs. Republicans – the ultimate throw down. Two enter the ring, only one will leave. I think about the division it causes not only among our political leaders but us as American citizens.

I grew up in a Republican household. I remember my dad making snide comments about certain politicians or celebrities just because they did not belong to his party. It’s insane to think about. Not liking someone just because they have a different view point than you. But that’s what our current political parties do isn’t it? We can’t work with you because you’re a Democrat or you’re a Republican. We can’t find a compromise because I refuse to work with you based on your political party.

This way of thinking is childish and dangerously naive. Refusing to find common ground because you have differing beliefs is how you run democracy to the ground. With such strong division it is nearly impossible to grow. Demolishing political parties would end this rift between us that inhibits progress.

But would it really?

If we take away the labels would the dived still exist? It is human nature to form our own opinions. And for every opinion we have there will be someone somewhere that will oppose that opinion. If one group of people think one way and another group thinks something else, they end up splitting into factions. So, even if we demolish the political parties, would they eventually reform?

Furthermore, is it too late for America to rid ourselves of the party system? Our history is so entrenched in this tradition that even if it were to one day go away, we will always have the memory looming over us. The line has been drawn in the sand. Is there anyway to erase it?

I have no answers for this, I just have questions. Can we start over and work together or are we doomed to live in a never ending cycle of Left vs. Right? Like I said, I have no answers to give but in today’s politically charged world, it certainly gives you something to think about.


A Millennial and Her Loving Earth

When I was little, my Mom use to call me a flower child. I was in no way born in the 70’s or had free loving, hippy feeling parents. None the less, the name stuck – and for good reason. I am a flower child. I am a free loving, peace feeling, hippy power kind of girl.

I love just about everything, including nature. I may be a millennial to the core, rather spend time indoors than out but I do love nature. When I was growing up in the 90’s I didn’t have a computer or a phone to distract me, I had my backyard. I had my sister to play with and oh boy did we come up with some fun games to play (my favorite was Pocahontas – running though the trees pretending I had my faithful sidekicks Meeko and Flick by my side).

I have so many memories from my childhood of being outside. I can still recall the scent of grass on my skin, the way the sky looked when my Mom would call me in for dinner. And if you were to ask me where my happy place is, I would proudly tell you it’s my backyard (or img_2363the beach because really, who doesn’t love the beach?). I’m sitting here right now, looking at it from the sliding glass door, watching the birds gather seeds from the feeder. It calms me, makes me feel at ease. It’s my home.

Having to spend time in the great outdoors as a child gave me such an appreciation for the world that we live on. There is beauty in every turn. Every tree, every flower, every little creature that scampers around – they are so unique and special. They are a huge part of our lives and in many instances, something we can’t live without. We need water to survive, plants and animals to give us food. The Earth is our home, or shelter, our life force.

Which is why all this talk, all this dismissal of climate change, the North Dakota pipeline, img_2088the general disregard of our Earth hurts me. This is our home. This is our water. Should we not do everything in our power to save it? Is commerce and commercialism so important that we are willing to poison the water? Are we so self absorbed that we aren’t willing to fix the problem now so that future generations have an Earth to call home?

Climate change is real and there is scientific evidence and research to support it. Because of this we can not turn a blind eye to the problems that we face. Politics should only have a small part to play in this matter because essentially, the problems that face our world are human problems that must be solve with unity. Yes, money is important. Money is needed to fund the research that will heal our planet. But first we must come to accept that global warming is real and it is a real threat!

We need our leaders to accept this. It’s not a matter of Republican or Democrat, it’s a matter of humanity. Regardless of what side you fall on, we all live on this wonderful planet. We all call this place home. We all need to chip in and do are part to save our home.

We can’t allow a pipeline that will pollute the water that serves the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. We need to find renewable resources so this world will still be a thriving place to live. People’s lives are more important that any business’s bottom line. This world that we live on is more important that any business.

I love this planet and for millions upon millions of years this planet has loved us back. It’s time that we all take a look around us, see the beauty that frames our lives, appreciate the food we are given, and the water that sustains us. It’s time that we fight for our Earth. Protect her and keep her healthy. She is too beautiful to loose, to important to let die.

Embrace your inner flower child and love the Earth.



A Millennial and the Women’s March on Washington

Wow. I am speechless. I mean, how fantastic was yesterday? Millions of people worldwide, all marching to the same tune. So much love, so much hope – I have never been more proud of being a feminist than I am now. I only wish I was there.

Yeah, I didn’t actually make it to any of the marches held across America but I sure did keep track of it via social media. Say what you will, social media is a God send. Even through a computer screen I could feel the love and the energy from those glorious pink crowds.

That was such a monumental rally, the largest ever for some states I believe (I’m just repeating what I’ve seen on Twitter so don’t quote me on this). And wow, how awesome is that? After such a nasty election, people throwing insults every which way, and a nation dividing itself, it’s nice to see such a large gathering of people all united for the same cause. I am awestruck.

And the signs, oh golly the signs. So many wonderful, powerful, thought provoking signs. We certainly are a creative bunch of folks.

I’m sure, 192 words in  you’re wondering what the millennial perspective is on all of this. Well, let me tell you: it’s hope. I see the possibility of a future where protests can be peaceful and even fun. Where voices are heard and action is taken. I see a future where everyone has the civil rights they are entitled to. My perspective is one that is hopeful.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for or what political party you align with. What matters is, there is hope for a better future, a united future where everyone is equal and protected by the same rights.

Hope is on the horizon and I for one, am happy to see it.